Look from a visitor’s perspective

Review content, technical attributes and design

Identify the website’s position on search sites

Provide a report

You will probably want your website to reflect the overall image of your whole organisation. How sure are you that it achieves that? Does your website give potential clients and business partners the impression that you want them to have?

Your website can make or break the conversion from ‘potential customer’ to ’customer’. The smallest error can be enough for a potential customer to look elsewhere and then to buy from a competitor. Your website is often the first contact a potential customer has of your particular business. First impressions are crucial.

Looking from an outside perspective…

We are here to help you to make the most of your website which in turn will make the most of your business. From an independent position we will consider …

★      the impression your website gives to your clients and to your potential clients.

★      the impression your website gives to your business partners.

★      whether your website is likely to provide you with new contacts.

★      what your website looks like.

★      whether your website is likely to achieve what you want it to.

★      whether your website is likely to be as effective as it could be.

Review – What we’ll do for you…

We will review your website from the perspective of both an existing and a prospective client, and will look to identify a range of possible issues such as;

✤         Errors in content

★      Spelling errors. Would you buy from someone whose website included words spelt incorrectly; so why would they buy from you?

★      Grammatical errors

★      Factually incorrect sites

✤         Design issues

★      Material that is inconsistent

★      Fonts and colours that don’t add to the overall impression

✤         Technical problems

★      Website problems such as the links and/or buttons not achieving the objective for which they either were designed, or for which they appear to have been designed

None of these will encourage your potential clients to use you.

Some specific website features that SWebCheck will consider …

★      What if someone tries to find the location of your business and the directions are either missing or wrong?

★      What if someone selects a link to a page to look at something they are interested in, and maybe even want to purchase, and the page does not show?

★      What iof there are speling mistaks and / or bad grammar at your website?

All of these and many more can and do occur, often so that a potential customer moves away from your site and begins a search elsewhere.

We will;

★      look for aspects of your website that do not provide your clients with the impression that you want them to get.

★      provide an independent review of your website.

★      look for the links that don’t work; the images that don’t display; the instructions that don’t work.

★      look for inconsistencies in the content on your website.

★      look for the words that are incorrectly spelt and the grammar that doesn’t make sense.

Where Are You?

We will find and report on the position of your website on various search sites when using key words and phrases.

A Report…

Obviously, even though we are using a human interface and some technical tools, we cannot guarantee that all or even that any errors will be identified during any review session.

  1. If there are no errors found – Great! You’ve paid for and received that affirmation.
  2. If we find something – Great! We’ll point this out in plain English, we will offer the correction that could be made and make suggestions for improvement.
  3. and we’ll refer you back to whoever built your website for you, as well as tips and suggestions for other services that Business & Management Wessex can provide to help you do business online.

Some examples of website mistakes.